Established in 1998, Shenzhen Kebijia Communication Technology Co.,Ltd specializes in design, manufacture and sale of high-tech consumer products such as eletronic locks, pet care devices, and smart sunglasses etc. Thanks to its over 20 years’ experience and persistent efforts, Kebijia has now cooperated with some big brands around the world and has been recognized as a reliable and trustworthy partner by its clients. 

Kebijia aims at continual innovation in both its technology and products, all products from Kebijia are developed and designed by its R&D team of more than 40 engineers, including mold design and firmware development.

Kebijia’s production facilities, staffed with 150 well-trained workers, are capable of handling the whole manufacturing process in-house from incoming material inspection, SMT assembly, in process quality control, final product assembly and testing. The facilities are certified to ISO9001 quality standard and manufacture its products at a quality level that goes beyond expectations by many international clients etc.
Continually provide our customers with smart products that go beyond customers' expectations in terms of performance and cost. 
Our Values
Our Mission
Kebijia's core principle is to be transparent, honest, and trustworthy as much as possible between the company and employees, between the company and customers as well as between the company and suppliers. 

Kebijia believes diligent work naturally leads to successs and self-fulfillment for both the employees and the company.

Kebijia always strives to make creative product that can make people's life easier, smarter
Clean room of PCB assembly
Final product assembly
We have worked as a partner with some renowned companies for many years. Below is a list of some customers from us.
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